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Coucou Biscuit is a delicious collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, exclusively available on, the world's first and largest NFT marketplace.

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Wallet Address: 0x6be35cd18e48023a4d8df39ebd4595e45ac3ce12

"Hi, is your domain for sale ?"

We often receive emails with similar questions.
The domain name is an integral part of the Coucou Biscuit factory and cannot be sold individually.
However, the Coucou Biscuit factory is itself an NFT and is now being auctioned on

This is the Golden Coucou

This unique NFT gives the owner full ownership of the Coucou Biscuit factory, including:
- Domain name (transfer to your registrar account)
- The Website you are visiting
- NFTs already minted and owned by Coucou Biscuit factory
- Template to create Coucou Biscuit NFTs with step-by-step tutorial (compatible with free and open source graphic editors)

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